For better... Embracing life

Under this programme, not just the education costs, but additional expenses for boarding, lodging, clothing, daily essentials of the very needy and destitute children are taken care of in total.

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For better... Education

Under this programme, students hailing from underprivileged backgrounds are provided the opportunity to access high quality values-based education, free of cost.

For better... Placements

This programme has been developed to prepare such graduates for a job interview with confidence and clarity. It offers valuable insights on resume-building and handling different interview (virtual/in-person) techniques and questions to get their right placements.

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For better... Skills

Under this programme, youth, underprivileged women, handicapped individuals will be catered to skill development through result oriented framework as per the needs of the industry. They will be provided not just the skillsets but also the required machinery and appropriate platform for their growth.

For better... Health

This programme is designed to support children with illness / diseases and their families in all aspects including facilitating surgeries, making available medicines and investigative facilities , consultation with doctors, providing financial and logistics support and counselling to the families of such patients.

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For better... Awareness

With this programme, a team of medical professionals will be spreading awareness about various health issues through lectures, educational material, medical camps, conferences, workshops and other activities.

For better... Higher Education

This programme has been conceived and instituted to promote and support our students, many of whom are 1st generation literates, for university education – the final frontier in their educational sojourn.

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For better... Environment

This programme has been developed with a primary focus area being water conservation in villages. We would be working with local stakeholders in water harvesting, increasing groundwater levels, creating facilities for improved irrigation and regenerating water bodies. Tree plantation and Soil conservation would be another critical area under this programme.